August 28, 2014
Smokers using e-cigarettes to quit are younger, more motivated


Young smokers (those under 50) are migrating over to E-cigarettes in droves for a variety of different reasons, Some of these individuals are doing it because they want to save money others while others are using these E-cigarettes as a means to quit smoking whatever their motivation the major…

This is the truth and the whole world needs to wake up and just let the e cigs be regulated, sold and promoted as a stop smoking tool!

August 28, 2014
"They say e-cigarettes are safe.

Because users don’t have to light up tobacco to smoke, the conventional (and manufacturer’s) wisdom goes, they don’t inhale as many carcinogens. So allegedly, they don’t cause cancer, irritate the lungs or contribute as significantly to other diseases like asthma or diabetes."

Here’s the truth (via micdotcom)